Ethics Statement


This blog was created with the sole purpose of sharing my own creative writing and stories created by me in my Digital Storytelling course at SUNY Empire State College (ESC). I plan to only post material that I have created for the courses I am taking at SUNY ESC.

As a creative person, I know that the material I create is deeply personal to me and I am very sensitive to the reaction others may have to it. I ask that you read/view my posts with that in mind.

Academic Integrity and Code of Ethics

As this blog was created for my educational purposes, I believe it is of the upmost importance that I adhere to the five principles of academic integrity laid out by ESC while operating this blog. The five principles are:

  • “Honesty – The quest for truth and knowledge requires intellectual and personal honesty in learning, teaching, research and service.
  • Trust – Academic institutions must foster a climate of mutual trust in order to stimulate the free exchange of ideas.
  • Fairness – All interactions among students, faculty and administrators should be grounded in clear standards, practices and procedures.
  • Respect – Learning is acknowledged as a participatory process, and a wide range of opinions and ideas is respected.
  • Responsibility – A thriving community demands personal accountability on the part of all members and depends upon action in the face of wrongdoing” (“The Role of Academic Integrity within the Academic Community”).

Personal Opinions

I do not plan to share my personal opinions on this blog but if I do, I will explicitly state that it is an opinion and not a fact. Any opinions I do share are mine alone and do not reflect the opinions of SUNY ESC.


As a writer, I understand how difficult creating original content can be and value the hard work that goes into creating great content. As such, I am very dedicated to acknowledging and attributing the source of any material I share that is not my own. I will explicitly state when the material on my blog does not belong to me and will provide the proper citation of the source material.


I, Mackenzie Aderman, will create all of the posts on this blog. Unless otherwise noted, the content posted here is my intellectual property. If you choose to share my posts, I ask that you properly credit the material to me.

External Links

I may include external links in my posts or when attributing sources. I am committed to testing the links I use and ensuring they work properly. I am not responsible for all the content on the webpages I link to but will vet my sources thoroughly to ensure they align with the tenants of academic integrity.

Reservation of Rights

As a current student, my knowledge of digital storytelling and creative writing is constantly growing and I may see the need to add or change sections of this ethical statement. As such, I reserve the right to make changes to this ethical statement as my blog continues to grow or change.


My stories may include images, audio or video of persons other than myself. In keeping with WordPress’s User Guidelines, I have received the expressed consent of everyone who appears on my blog in written or visual form.

Terms of Service

My blog was created using WordPress and I will strictly adhere to the terms of service set out by WordPress.


Your privacy is important to me. If you provide me with your personal information through the “Contact Me” page, I will never share or sell your data.


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